In the commercial world, it is necessary to keep and maintain your office space clean and making it a pleasant place to work for all the staff. A healthy work environment has a direct influence on the productivity of the work delivered.

It has often been observed that clean and pleasant workspaces have proved to be more productive for the company. The clean environment of the offices also leads to impress the client. Thus, it becomes necessary to hire the janitorial services that take care of the cleanliness of the building and the maintenance of the company property.

Companies have considered janitorial service providers as extremely important in order to maintain a hygienic environment for the staff as well as clients.

What are Janitorial Services?

Janitorial services mean services pertaining to the cleaning of commercial buildings that include the cleaning of educational facility buildings, company buildings, medical offices and buildings. They also include services for the management and maintenance of the property of such commercial buildings.

People responsible for the cleaning and the maintenance work of a building are either known as janitors or custodians or simply as cleaners.

Why is Janitorial Service Essential?

The importance of janitorial services in the world of cleaning commercial buildings cannot be ruled out.

Janitorial services are quintessential to maintaining the hygiene factor of the place as well as to keep the accommodation shiny and sparkling. A clean office can not only encourage the staff to work better but also can attract clients.

The reputation of your company is at stake if the office environment is unclean and unpleasant.

In-sourcing versus out-sourcing

Rather than using the in-house staff of the office, it is better to hire the services of janitors who possess the required skills to ensure cleanliness and healthy environment of the office.

It is always in the goodwill of the company to take the expertise of the professionals who master the art of cleaning a big place such as the office of a big company.

Though it may be expensive than the in-sourcing, it is more advisable to use the services of an external janitor service provider.

Housekeeping Services versus Janitorial Services:

Housekeeping services basically refer to hiring the services of a maid for house cleaning activities. However, they are not involved in the cleaning of commercial buildings whatsoever.

Janitorial services provide the cleaning services that big offices require in order to maintain cleanliness and freshness in the office premises.

Services provided by Janitor Service Providers:

  • Cleaning options on the daily, monthly and yearly basis.
  • Carpet care on a daily basis.
  • Window washing and dusting services.
  • Services for cleaning and maintenance of the floor.
  • Sanitization programs.
  • System cleaning in office.
  • Services for waste removal.
  • Cleaning of the lobby or reception area.
  • Cleaning of the washrooms and kitchens.
  • Restocking of goods for washrooms and kitchen.

These services provided by the janitorial cleaning companies are of high quality and ensure the cleanliness of the office accommodation.

The type of office determines the kind of janitorial services needed for that office. There are different types of buildings for which maintenance is provided. These types of buildings for which services are provided can be listed as follows:

  • Cleaning for Educational facilities:

With children in the building, it becomes most important to keep the sanitation and cleaning services in check. Janitorial services provide thorough sanitation of doorknobs, restrooms etc. Additionally, they have high-tech facilities to clean and sanitize the educational premises for the children and staff.

  • Cleaning Services for Medical and Health Institutions:

Extra care for cleaning and sanitation is required in medical and health institutions since people who seek or need medical aid are admitted to such buildings. Professional and experienced janitorial service providers become pivotal for medical and healthcare institutions.

  • Cleaning services for industry:

Industry houses various equipment and machines. The cleaning and maintenance of such equipment and machines require detailed knowledge of the machines used and hence, need a site visit. Thus, professional janitorial services are of great help in such case where detailed knowledge of the machines is required.

  • Cleaning services for Construction:

After any kind of construction, it needs cleaning. For example, after the plumbing or electric construction, the office requires cleaning. Specialization in such cleaning is provided by the janitorial services.

Thus, different types of maintenance buildings need specialization in cleaning and maintenance of the premises. Hence, renting the services of a janitorial service provider, who has expertise in the field of cleaning, becomes quintessential.

The janitorial services are provided by various companies that offer various packages depending on the need of the client. These packages may be project-based or industry based and/or basic cleaning packages.

Equipment used by Janitorial Service Providers:

The types of equipment needed for cleaning various buildings differ and can be broadly classified into:

  • Lightweight equipment:

Lightweight equipment includes mops, buckets, broomsticks, scrubbers, window cleaners, etc.

  • Heavy-duty equipment:

Vacuum cleaners for carpet based floors, floor buffers and polisher for marble floors.

  • Transporting equipment:

Small carriers for carrying small equipment, and larger carriers for transporting any big equipment.

Benefits of Janitorial Services:

  • Schedule for cleaning activities and procedures.
  • Inspections for the services.
  • Safety and security of high quality.
  • Usage of best equipment and products.
  • Highly experienced Supervision staff.
  • Review programs.

Janitorial service providers are highly experienced and experts in providing cleaning services for commercial buildings that the in-house staffs are incapable of providing.

It is necessary to hire janitorial services that have good expertise and experience in the cleaning and maintenance of the property in office accommodations.

Though janitorial services cost more, it is vital for the companies and industries to hire such services in order to create a healthy and clean environment for the staff and for the visiting clients.

Thus, to summarize, janitorial services are essential for companies to assure pleasant and clean surroundings in the office environment to encourage the staff, which in turn results in increased business productivity.